A list of public schools in Burnaby can be found below:

Elementary SchoolsEdit

School nameAddress
Postal Code
Armstrong8757 Armstrong Avenue
V3N 2H8
Aubrey1075 Stratford Avenue
V5B 3X9
Brantford6512 Brantford Avenue
V5E 2S1
Brentwood Park1455 Delta Avenue
V5B 3G4
Buckingham6066 Buckingham Avenue
V5A 2E4
Cameron9540 Erickson Drive
V3J 1M9
Capitol Hill350 Holdom Avenue
V5B 3V1
Cascade Heights4343 Smith Avenue
V5G 2V5
Chaffey-Burke4404 Sardis Street
V5H 1K7
Clinton5858 Clinton Street
V5J 2M3

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